My iPhone won’t Charge

iphone not charging

You just plugged in your iPhone but it’s not charging. You will find yourself in little difficult situation.

How to check if iPhone is Not Charging

The first thing you need to check that your battery is charging or not? When you plug your charger you need to check the status bar. If there is lightning bolt next to your battery icon your iPhone is charging. If the iPhone is plugged in and there is no lightning bolt next to your battery then you google “my iPhone wont charge” and finally you landed on correct page.

Check the iPhone Charging Port for Debris

The main reason that your iPhone wont charge is ordinary but too problem creating. Sometime the port of your iPhone is clogged with dust or pocket lint. Something like this can prevent your iPhone from charging. So you need to check that the charging port of your iPhone is clean. If you found some dust get a Q-Tip, toothpick or dry toothbrush to remove it if you have vacuum cleaner use it to remove the dust. After removing the dust clot try to charge it again if your iPhone start charging you are good to go. If still your iPhone is not charging you need to move to step two.

 Check the USB Cable

Sometime damaged USB charging cable prevents iPhone from charging. If your cable is torn or damaged you need to buy a new USB cable charge. Get genuine data cable for charging your iPhone. Some people buy third party USB cable for charging purpose but they don’t long last.

 Reboot the iPhone

If you are done with the hardware now it’s the time to check the software of your iPhone before you handover for repairing, try a simple method of reboot. Sometime this method resolves the charging issue. This is rare but this works.  If you have failed to still charge your iPhone, reboot your iPhone by pressing and holding power button and home button until Apple logo appears on screen.

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The iPhone Was Damaged and Won’t Charge

Sometime due to damage iPhone’s stop charging even a simple screen crack or fell out of some window would damage yours won’t allow you to charge your iPhone. Another reason that your iPhone won’t charge is water contact and not allowed to dry it properly. If your iPhone soak excessive water it will destroy the iPhone battery and some electrical component as well which prevent you from charging.

Try drying out for 72 hours in silica or rice it would reduce the water damage otherwise you have to buy a new smartphone. Try these methods to fix your iPhone charging problem if any of the method works for do mention the name in the comment box and share your experience with other people in order to help them. If still the problem exist now it’s the time to take your iPhone for repairing purpose.