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Carnival Games

Carnival Games come in all shapes and sizes, and the latest addition to the franchise is made for PlayStation VR. The relatively well-known series is known for the simplicity of the games and the fun it brings, making it fun for young and old. Carnival Games VR you can experience the familiar gameplay on the PlayStation 4, but now entirely in virtual reality. Or just as fun as the reality is, of course, the fundamental question is why we pulled it out in a virtual park filled with all sorts of fun games.

Different themes, different games

Carnival Games VR is a very simple PlayStation VR game. You start at the central point in the world and can then choose which area you enter. At least, that may be at a later date, because initially all locations are closed except one. This logically you first enter and thus you come to a new place from which surrounds with games that are tailored to a large extent on that theme.

When you play the games, you will get tickets depending on your performance, and you can redeem at prices stall. Here you can get all kinds of prices, ranging from a sword to a fire and a dragon to an umbrella. All items that have no effect, then end up in your trophy room, where you see the various collected items. Do you collect enough, you can be in the trophy room again perform some activity? Those are extras because it is mainly about playing the different games.

These various games are all initially hidden under lock and key, but you unlock by buying individual objects with your tickets at the prices stall. A large part is for your collection, but each area you can buy individual items that new stalls unlock where you can play games and thus you will unlock all the games in a field at a given time and then go on to the next. With a total of four areas where you find three or more games, so there is quite what to do in the world of carnival games VR.

Fun entertainment, but…

These games are very different, but overall pretty simplistic. So you have to shoot with two pistols in many moving objects. You will also play basketball as much as possible to throw the ring should ring toss, catch baseballs, bottles tack and much more. These are the typical games that you find at the local fair; the only difference is that you do not have lost tens of euros to those games, except that you have carnival games VR should buy.

These games are very varying that we should give the game, but overall they are so simple that you do not particularly linger on. There are here and there or outliers that are fun to experience once, namely climbing a castle and visiting a haunted house. Then there is also much more interaction, where all the other games are mostly very static. Carnival Games VR whatever that involves a PlayStation VR game is especially fun for small pots in between and if you want to keep the children happy on a birthday.

You can moreover significantly increase the challenge by gathering in each game of three stars. This not only results in a ditch on tickets but also get a trophy for this. To achieve three stars, you have to break the set score in every game or to set a fast time. This, of course, sounds like a logical extension to the gameplay, though not to get some games virtually impossible with a high score. That’s not because the game is impossible, but because of the controls at times a little to be desired. The gameplay includes PlayStation Move controllers, which are not always accurately recorded. Best game tool using generate word files and stages like record.

In games where movement is critical, it is crucial that the controller accurately translates the registration of your movement on the screen. That is true. However, it goes into the fog because of how well we aim, the objects sometimes fly to throw the most bizarre ways. That could have been easily prevented by building a crosshair and although it is not realistic for the experience, is that a way to achieve your goal anyway, because it is sometimes impossible in the current state, and that’s a shame because the game is fun.

Relaxed atmosphere

The controls are the biggest problem of carnival games, and that is sole because the registration is often not good. The game asks to aim accurately, but if that is not feasible, the fun is soon starting. But let the game do not lack. If we include the shooting, climbing or sitting in the haunted house, there is nothing to worry about, and it works like a charm. What also speaks for the game is that there’s a euphoric atmosphere. It is cheerful, friendly and colorful, making you completely happy with the whole.

Moreover, it looks visually quite neat. Let’s you certainly will not be fooled by the screenshots. The game is, in fact, a lot better than we see on the screenshots to get. What is a bit of sin, is that the game has to do with a pop-up, allowing NPCs often suddenly appear when you’re on your back watching. Anyway, that’s just a detail, because for the rest the audiovisual field just fine. Moreover, the placement of some tents some awkward because you have to run very far backward to see it so that you can enter the game or space, but that is only a blemish on the whole.


Carnival Games is a nifty collection of various games that are ideal for younger gamers. The experience is excellent in VR because the game has a kind and cheerful atmosphere. Through fun to play with sound, the young player will surely lull in a theme park, and that is once again positive for the overall atmosphere. A significant disadvantage is that the PlayStation Move registration is not very often right, so some games soon become very frustrating, and that’s a shame because that saw you on the chair legs of the foundation of this title. Regardless of which is Carnival Games VR a very entertaining package of mini-games that will surely bring some fun.

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