iphone not charging

My iPhone won’t Charge

You just plugged in your iPhone but it’s not charging. You will find yourself in little difficult situation. How to check if iPhone is Not Charging The first thing you need to check that your[…]

How to Be safe from Virus, Scam and Phishing

In the modern era as the internet is becoming the need of every person there are also black sheep working in this field. Those people use the wrong ways to harm you and to get[…]

Interesting things in Washington DC

Interesting things in Washington DC

It is well known famous place consisting of the multiple fun places like museums, memorials and educational buildings. It is always a fun to explore the city and get a variety of entertainment and outdoor[…]

How to Buy Keyless Door Locks on Amazon

Amazon is a large e-commerce website just like the e-bay. This website is an amazing place to sell or buy different products. In other words, Amazon is a large-scale online platform to do your business.[…]

Carnival Games

Carnival Games VR review

Carnival Games come in all shapes and sizes, and the latest addition to the franchise is made for PlayStation VR. The relatively well-known series is known for the simplicity of the games and the fun[…]